Instant Photography Project

What started as a personal journey of instant photography became something much bigger, after I discovered and became part of the worldwide community of engineers, enthusiasts, and artists…

Why instant-photography? Well, it’s definitely NOT to harm the environment or to turn away (completely) from digital photography. It’s just that Digital is more about making the “capture” and editing your images afterward, which is great for everyday snaps and street photography, or studio/commercial work.

The “one-chance-to-compose-and-crop-in-the-viewfinder” approach of instant photography is more a process of “making a picture” (as Ansel Adams said) than just “taking a picture” digitally. And, of course, the Polaroid-instant-analog film look-and-feel is wonderful: softness, vignetting, light-leaks, aberrations, and colors. Oh, and those beautiful disasters when instant film gets jammed in the camera on the way out are awesome!

A Few Instant Photos:

Now, it’s ALL things related to instant photography — news, history, brands, people, new/old cameras/films, hacks, mods, add-ons, techniques — even launched a group for it on Facebook.

If you like or love instant photography, please join us!

Instant Photo Project / LINKS

Facebook Group / Instant Photgraphy: Gods, Mods & Bods
FB Group / A “Manifesto” of sorts… (click to open PDF in a new tab)
Online Community & Forum [coming soon…]
Instant Photo Project on Instagram

Our Texolux page has mods and hacks for instant cameras, including the BIG STAX and upgrades from OpenSX70.
Our Cameras page has new products from Polaroid, NONS, and MiNT.
Our Extras page has new products from Pola Dress and MiNT.
Buy New Polaroid Instant Cameras/Films (direct)
Buy Vintage/New Cameras+Films (online store)

The Instant Photo Project and the group/forum “Gods, Mods & Bods” are hosted and maintained by —

[C+F] Cameras+Films

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