From the Latin “texo” for build or construct, and “lux” for light, our Texolux offerings are new, vintage, deconstructed, reimagined, rebuilt, morphed, modified, customized, combined, converted, transformed, and build-it-yourself (“DIY”) devices for capturing light on film.

Our camera-hacker partners build each Texolux device by combining vintage cameras with new parts, accessories, add-ons, and custom-fabricated components, such as 3D-printed camera backs. The DIY camera and conversion kits we sell are sourced from various suppliers whose passion for chasing and capturing the light matches our own.

We thought we’d group Texolux cameras into three basic categories by film size and format, but there are so many film camera mods and add-ons these days, it makes more sense to make a page for each mod or the “modder” who makes it! Here’s a few of our current Texolux camera modification and add-on partners:


It’s a Polaroid Big Shot camera with an Instax camera back, using either an Instax 100 or 300!

NONS Camera

SLR cameras with Instax backs, allowing you to use a wide variety of standard mount lenses (with adapters).

More to come…

We’re talking with other “modders” about reselling their wares under our Texolux brand — follow this blog for updates!

MiNT Camera

MiNT has modified and upgraded Polaroid SX-70 family cameras for years, now offering amazing accessories for them, a gut-rehabbed SX-70 as a “new” camera, plus an Instax-Wide folding camera, and an Instax-Mini TLR a la Rolleiflex!

Let’s build something together, to chase and capture the light.



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