Found in a Yashica LM TLR Camera

Here at Cameras+Films, there’s always a piqued-curiosity, vaguely-voyeuristic, thrill-of-discovery moment whenever exposed, undeveloped film is found in an old camera. And, as you can imagine, our discovery is followed by impatient anticipation and speculation when the film is sent out to be developed:

  • Will there be one or more views into one or more lives on the roll?
  • Will there be something myopic, historic, epic, simplistic, or even artistic?
  • Will there be at least one or two good photographs, a whole roll of bad ones, or nothing at all on the film?

So, to satisfy your curiosity (and ours), we are pleased to share images from film we find in the vintage cameras we buy/use and sell, starting with this first post of what will be an ongoing series.

When available and relevant, we’ll share information about the camera-owner, the person who most likely exposed the film (known or unknown), and any related items of interest, which arrived along with the camera…

Photographs from the roll of 120 color-negative film* found in a vintage Yashica LM Twin-Lens-Reflex or “TLR” medium-format camera from the UK.

In a camera bought at a UK auction, we could reasonably expect images on this roll of film to be from the United Kingdom and/or the travels of one of its citizens. This was visually confirmed (best guess) from the look of the damp weather, rolling hills, clocktower, and the orientation of road signs in the first photo. The second photo could be anywhere, but looks “UK-ish” don’t you think? The third is our accidental double-exposure from testing the shutter-release and subsequently opening the camera to discover the film inside!

Hiking by the side of the highway.
African queens, conch shell, and telephone by a window.
Oops – there’s a roll of film in this camera!

*This roll of 120 film was developed & scanned by our friends Nice Film Lab

More images of the Yashica LM TLR Camera this roll of film was found in, on Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed these “found-film” images!

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4 thoughts on “Found in a Yashica LM TLR Camera

  1. Nice find. How was the camera? Any images of it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thanks! Yes I’ve got some images of the Yashica LM – check out 6 of them in our Instagram feed!


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